AC/DC: Forever Young

AC/DC: Forever Young

Director: Marie Claire Javoy & Dominique Mesmin / FR / 2023 / 55min / VO:ENG+FR / SUB:RO
Cast: AC/DC, Murray Engleheart, Philip Morris

Romanian premiere

20 SEPT, 19:00 – Cinema Elvire Popesco

24 SEPT, 20:00 – Grădina cu Filme

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The less known, more intimate story of the brothers behind the myth told by those who knew them well and with never-seen before footage.

Behind AC/DC, there is a clan: the Young brothers. From an early age, Malcom, the driving force, and Angus, the guitar prodigy, have one obsession: composing rock music tinged with blues. Their big brother George will help them take off, becoming their mentor, their producer, and even the one to find Bon Scott, AC/DC’s charismatic singer. This strong bond between family and music will make the roots of one of the greatest rock bands in the world, and as relevant as ever today.

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