Suede: The Insatiable Ones

13 Septembrie ora 19:00
Apollo 111

Premieră națională   Cumpără Bilete
Regie: Mike Christie / UK / 2018 / 110 min
Distribuție: Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert, Richard Oakes, Neil Codling, Justine Frischmann, Ricky Gervais, Mike Joyce, Ed Buller

Looking at identity, power, happiness, self-destruction and acceptance, this is a thematic exploration of a group that opened the door for Britpop and led the way for a new era of guitar music.

Suede’s arrival in British music in the 1990s was a phenomenon. Fated as ‘The Best New Band in Britain’ before they had even released a single, their debut album was the biggest selling for a generation and their emergence and dominance heralded Britpop. Made with full access to the band and their unexpurgated, incredible archive, Suede: The Insatiable Ones is documentary-feature that tells their story with brutal honesty, humour and dignity.

Pulling no punches, the film eschews a linear form for a themed journey through Suede’s intense career, and its creative and personal highs and lows. Through five chapters it explores: their roots and identity; the rush of success and immediate, infamous internal power struggle and schism, which few thought they could survive; the subsequent commercial apogee and significant international success; the resultant excess and substance abuse; their ‘slow painful death’ and split; and – ultimately – their recent, brilliant, acclaimed artistic rebirth. Frontman Brett Anderson and the band are joined by a wonderful cast that includes founder member of Suede and Elastica, Justine Frischmann, Suede’s early manager Ricky Gervais, early Suede drummer and ex-Smith Mike Joyce, alongside friends, family and collaborators including Richard Osman, iconic designer Peter Saville and others. Buy Tickets

“This isn’t a powder-puff promotional tool, it’s a film that grasps at the very essence of what the band is, charting the scruffy inglorious years of struggle, the vertiginous heights of success and the dank depths of self-destruction and hopefully emerges at the end of it all with some truths revealed and some myths destroyed”.

– Brett Anderson