Oulaya’s Wedding

12 Septembrie ora 21:00
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Premieră națională   Cumpără Bilete
Regie: Hisham Mayet, Cyrus Moussavi & Brittany Nugent / SUA / 2017 / 57 min
Distribuție: Selmou Doueh Baamar, Halima Jakani, Bashiri Touballi

Oulaya’s Wedding is the portrait of a family, the most well-known wedding band of Dakhla: Group Doueh. The documentary focuses on the week-long celebration of the marriage of the oldest daughter of the family: Oulaya. The ceremony is the occasion for playing music, dancing and beauty pageants. Love, family and gender roles are also explored through the prism of this caste of musicians, helping us to get some insight on Sahraoui culture and life.

Group Doueh is the most beloved and innovative family band in Dakhla. For 33 years, band leader Doueh (Salmou Baamar) and his wife Halima have uplifted the people of the Sahara, inspired equally by Mauritanian griots and childhood idols Jimi Hendrix and James Brown. They’ve toured the world with superstars like Omar Souleyman and Tony Allen, but their biggest gig to date is the wedding of their eldest daughter, Oulaya.

Oulaya’s Wedding is an intimate portrait of a family of artists and their court of extended friends and peripheral misfits, who lovingly navigate the emotional and logistical maelstrom of a week-long Sahraoui wedding. Presented are candid and sincere ontological accounts on art and identity by the residents, hosts, guests and musicians who make these weddings a foundation of Sahraoui culture. Sublime Frequencies co-founder Hisham Mayet and his team were Doueh’s personal guests and given unprecedented access to record the preparation, pageantry and stunning sounds of Oulaya’s Wedding. The result is a film of warmth, humor and belonging through music in this remote region. Buy Tickets

An absolutely beautiful document: rich and intimate.”

The New School

The collective Sublime Frequencies, indefatigable sound explorers, takes us into the whirlwind of a Saharawi wedding, in the midst of virtuoso musicians and eccentric guests.”

La Gaîté Lyrique